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AIOU Research project 8613 solved spring 2021 Resolving Conflict To investigate resolving conflicts during classroom learning at grade 6th level children




B.Ed (1.5 Year / 2.5 Year)

Course Code: 8613

Name: __________________________________________________________

Roll No. ________________________________________________________

Registration No. ___________ _____________________________________

Semester: _____Autumn 2021_________________________________________________

Region: ____ ___________________________________________________

Theme: _____Children socio economic development___________________________________________________

Sub-theme: _____Resolving Conflicts________________________________________________

Topic: ____Investigate conflicts during classroom learning at grade 6 level children_____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________


Name of the School(where the action research was conducted): ________ _________________________________________________________________

Overall background of the participants of the project; area / school: (socio-economic status, occupation / profession – earning trends of majority of the parents, literacy rate, academic quality, and any other special trait of the community where the school is situated) 10 (marks)

_I selected ................. For my Project.

The participants of my project or my research were the students of grade 6th.

It was local research that called action research. Before starting my project it was necessary for me to know the overall background of the students . I made a perfoma to collected the overall background and information of the students.


The school is situated in the center of the village 22 MB .This school is many years ago old 8 rooms and two offices and a assembly ground with beautiful greenery. The building of the school is not very good .The school is in the nice place. The view of the school is so good .Many plants and trees are there in the school. There is also a small play ground .Children play many games in it like cricket and hockey.

Socio economic status:

I adopted grade 6 the in the Elementary school 22 MB .

The number of students of grade 6th is 21 .All the students have different background.All the students have different background. Every students have different story. Different kind of people live in this area in which poor,middle and upper status included.

Occupation and earning trends of the parents:

It is rural area therefore most people are attached with agriculture.25% of the parents of students were attached to agriculture.5 % in teaching and 8% were labour and servants in army and police departments.

Most of the students parents had a medium economic level ,So they did not acquire full financial help from family .The involvement of the students in the investigation led to their intelligence for the project.

Literacy rate:

I noted that literacy rate of the village was not so bad. It was 45% but it was good from other villages around 22 MB .People of this village are not educated but know k value of education for this purpose  they send their children to school.

Special trait in community:

The community where the school is situated people have good hobbies like greenery,plomtation and playing games like cricket,volley ball etc.Many peoples migrate to urban areas.


Theme: ______Children socio emotional development.

Sub-theme: __________Resolving Conflict ______________________________________________________

Topic: ___________To investigate resolving conflicts during classroom learning at grade 6th level children __________________________________________________________

1.Why did you select this specific sub-theme and topic? Relate it to your experience / problem in your classroom / institution. (10 marks)

(Give the background and rationale of the study)

I am a trainer teacher and choose Govt Girls Elementary school 22 MB Tehsil Qaidabad District khushab .

For my re project .I choose to improve problem solving skills in students .We know that childhood education is an education scheme for children to grow and develop optimally.

In this stage the development of children is spread in whole aspects ,physical,psychological,social ,spiritual and also being sensitive to students received  from environment.

Easily childhood education is guiding effort which is adressedto children from they born until they are six years old which is conducted through the giving of educational stimitation to help the physical and have mental development to make save that children poses the availability entering in high level of education.


Whenever I started work on this research at very first day . I come to know that its made to be direct invelvoment of patents and teachers frequently appear in the problem solving.Which is forced by children their research aims to describe the level of children skills in solving daily problems based on problem solving.


As a teacher when I started my class .I observed that there are some basic issues regarding to the learning of children .I tried very simple and effective methods to deliver a lecture but at the end of the class I evaluated the class whether they have learn or not but the resultes of the evaluation were not satisfactory.

Then I conducted that there should be some issues reading learning serious steps should be taken in order to  resolve the problems .

There are three reasons about the importance of the problem solving skills for early childhood ,those reasons are .

1:Influencing the function of self adjustment in facing the conflicts.

Being positive and continual spetition to from these competences and positive problem solving which possibly influence the relationship with friends.

This research will explore three benefits of learning problem skills at school .

1:improve academic  performance.

2:Increase confidence

3:Carrior readiness.

I visited some others classes and discuss with other teachers  conclusion were just like my experience in my class.

Due to this problem so that this could be implemented in whole school .

Now a days there is a race of numbers and percentage between students due to all this they do a lot of cramming and can't focus on basic learning skills I want to do research on this topic so that quality of learning .Skills can be ensured .

According to our state of Pakistan we know that all these students will take forward the opportunities to excel but due to very low learning skills they can't guide others colleague and as a result we are going backwards in this era. 

2.What was your discussion with your colleague / friend / senior teacher or supervisor regarding the problem? (05 marks)

(Provide your discussion with your colleague or supervisor for better understanding of the problem and alternate solutions. ___

After attending my class .I visited the headmister's office and informed him my recent evaluation and some of my conclusion related to my research
 topic. He appreciated my thoughts and arranged a meeting in which other colleagues also attended and give their feedback on their problem .Teachers discussed that some students are brilliant but due to lack of learning skills which will be effective four their upgrading they cannot show their low% in studies .Then I total my senior teacher that I want to conduct a research on this problem and find atrentative solution to these

problems.From these solutions I will know how there are affecting socio economic background or issues and then I informed all my first day discussion which were between me and my colleagues .He lates on helped me with the provided some solving techniques  and also provided some alternative solutions neighboring to this whole topic which are the alternative solution for this problem are AV aids (audio ,Video) visual demonstration.

These are all my imaginations for this research ,hops in fulfilled all needs which have imagination which complete my research project.

As a trainer teacher I want to solve the problems which the students are facing I noticed that there are many skills in students but they feel shy to show them.They need motivation.

 3.What did you find about the problem in the existing literature (books / articles / websites)? (10 marks)

(Explore books and online resources to know what and how has been already done regarding this problem)_


___In my research project .I read different articles and books on websites.I found that data about my project .Before this many researches worked in how to improve problems solvings skills in students .

We are well aware about the problems of learning in young students so .

I thoroughly studied all the relevant data about my topic which I selected for the aspects regarding this problem solving skills is not only used by adults but it is also essential to create the basics of children's problems solving skills in this growth and development phase Solasamano(2012) also states that

"Problem solving skills is resulted in the learning process which is an important learning result an education"

Problem solving skills for early childhood is very essential to be passed because when children can solve problems they can treate the ability to think logically ,critically systematically (Romadona and Hamadoymi (2018).

Izzapy (2010) adults in her research that there are three reasons about the importance of problem solving skills for early childhood.Those reasons influencing the function of see far adjustment in focusing conflict.

Bring positive and continued reputation to compethenics.

Positive problem solving which possibly influenced the relationship with friends.

The problems faced by children should be immediately solved or responded. In many adults often getting involved and solve problem that should be solved by their children's.

However,whatever problems faced by children even on small things can be an opportunity for the children to develop their problems solving skills.(Brown 1988).

Another research shows children obtain problems solving skills which start from pee school  period and experiment based education programme. Can be implemented to improve children problem solving skills (Unal Aral 2014).

A research by MCLenna 2012 )Faced that by using arts in solving the problems which can be regularly done,can help children to be long life thinkers .

According to Bin ghom ,children problems solving skills see how child ran with problems solving skills utilize .The opportunity they have ,find out different solutions to solve different solutions to solve difficulty they face and make presentation about something children maintain their interests and attention to certain topics for the long period they also notice the details and realize their mistakes (Mclennan 2012).

Errors arise naturally with respect to I logical interference rules .Since ,In individuals processing limits and basics competition from others non delective strategies ,un cectainities about the corrections of a rule can all interference with the way people use them .Role of a teachers and parents to direct students attention to explain with friends and being difficult with learning new  things new games  and others .(VShadiq 2009 .Utomi dkk 2017).

4.What were the major variables / construct of your project? Give definitions / description from literature. (05 marks)

(What are the key terms in your topic or study? what do you mean of these terms? What particular meaning you will attach to the term when used in this project?)In In_____my project learning skills are major variables and its definitions is a problem solving is the act of defining problem determing the cause of problem ,identiciation ,prioritizing and selecting alternative for a solution and implementing a solution .

Depend variable:

Was tendency teaching of English and problem solving skills using different activities.

Discrele Variables:

Counts of individuals items or value e.g number of the students in a class.

•Continous variables:

Measurement of continuous or non finite values e.g distance ,volume age, etc.

Some worry that school may emphasize such rudiments as reading and computations at the expense of others essential skills as comprehension ,analysis solving problems and drawing conclusions ( National commission on Excellence in education 1983).


5.What did you want to achieve in this research project? (05 marks)

(Objective / purpose of the study; what was the critical question that was tried to be answered in this project) ______________My topic that__choose  project as was to improve problem solving skills in students through the use of puzzle and giving daily life problem situations.

According to my topic the objectives are:

1)To find the possible methods and ways to reduce the problem solving techniques.

2) Identify methods appropriate for solving problems .

3) Identify methods appropriate for solving problems with working with children .


The main purpose is to find out its ability to find the root cause of difficult problems and to from variable solutions for the problem .

Critical questions!

The critical questions in my topic is How can I improve the problem solving skills in students.

6.Who were the participants in your project? (05 marks)

(Give details of the individuals or groups who were focused in this project e.g. the early-grade students whose handwriting in Urdu was not good or the students of class VIII who did not have good communication skills)  _______________My research topic was related to how problem solving skills can be solved for the students using different method .Participants of my project were given below  with individual details.



3:Parents of students_.

Individually each participants plays different roles.

•1)Students .

My  research was conducted of grade 6 .Many students gave me positive response but poor in problem solving skills .

•2)Parents .

I hold many meeting of parents to students I observed huge difference between educated and uneducated parents speaking and thinking skills .


7.How did you try to solve the problem? (10 marks)

(Narrate the process step-wise. Procedure of intervention and data collection) _________According to my topic ,problem solving skills in students and I choose grade 6 th for my project .Firstly I judeged the problem and I prepared a performa and observation sheet.I knew about the problem through apitiude problem solving  .My research is a kind of descipline research which describes and ansumes related to phenomenon whether single variable ,correlation or comparison of model.


Children who participated into group A and B of Govt Elementary School 22 MB district khushab .

Students from 7 - 9 years joined the activity for 3-5 minutes . They are asked to see pictures and see what they experienced some open questions are used as an instruments to obtain results . The results of interview are responses from  children which are collected by congnize the level of problem solving skills .

I solved this problem through google voice,tablets and different AV aids .


I watched the student different games and pentings .I set my lecture starting friendly .

Data collection.

At last I prepared a questionaire and then I judged about improvement collected data through the questionnaire .   

8.What kind of instrument was used to collect the data? How was the instrument developed? (05 marks)

(For example: observation, rating scale, interview, student work, portfolio, test, etc)

  The data is going to he collected from the students of Govt Elementary school 2MB.

My project on problem solving skills are to improve them by many methods one of the best method was to solve daily life problems .

I also used electronic media to resolve the problem solving  skills in students and decided to we different types of instruments .

Long term memory.

Short term memory and working memory .

Response to learning test or problem .

Observation   sheet in the beginning of class I prepared an observation sheet to judge general aspects of problem solving skills.

Rating Scale:

Rating scale prepared for critesian description ,scale length  scale format and scale user.It is a data collection method that was usable for future research.

Students work during class I asked the students new questions in order to understand whether they have understood the problem or not.

However ,I found that some students understood the problem very quickly but some very lazy to understanding .


I also collected the paragraphs ,drawing etc,that were  used for my work .

Questionaire preparation:

In this method prepared questionnaire to rate the ability of students in understanding the problem e.g strong agreed    .

Natural disagree  . 

9.What were the findings and conclusion? (Provide instruments and analysis as appendix)(10 marks) I I         __I__collected the data from different grades 1to 8 .

The research was temporary and on load level.


Test data: Based____on  test results after the action of this research the problem solving skills of children were improved .The analysis of the students problem solving skills show that that there is a gradual improvement.

In the pee test mean of students score is 38.2 while post man of study scores was 78.5.


Category ( low     ,high    ,medium ) (9   ,11. 5).

Based on table 2 it can be seen that the result of problem skills of children on high category only research 20%.

  That result is the whole result of children in the school . However the achievement between groups A and B can be seen in figures 2. Based on figure 2,it can be seen that the identification results of in to be see and compare children's problem solving skills between group A and B which is not significant different .     


10 high

5 medium

0 low .


•Questionaire Results :

Based on first questionnaire that distributed before the auction result the students admitted that their confidence and their intrincis were low but after all the activity students gave me good response .They enjoyed the lesson because they could watch cartoons,films and games also and could learn something from it .


Research findings:

The improvement of students problem solving skills.Students learning experience. The improvement of class room situation during teaching and learning desires.

The students behavior outside the class.

•Before action research :

The students problem solving skills were low.

Using traditional methods keep leatening .

•After action research:

The students problem solving skills get better using various teaching media.

Having tending to become more careful and talkative .

The goal of research was to improve problem solving skills .In which as a result of questionnaire was bad almost 29.6% students were strongly agreed 49% students were normally agreed and 13.9% gave nectural answers .Therefore it seems majority of students agreed to fact of improving problem solving skills.



My conclusion was that the problem solving skills through games computer ,T.v cartoons ,films and otherAV aids  were very effective because they can be improved very efficiently .The students problem solving skills is shown from it difference of the students mean score between before and after the action.

The improvement was shown from the students  attitude during the action .During the implementation of the action the students were more active and relaxed .It was totally different from their attitude in first meeting but it was difficult from this attitude in first but it was difficult improve skills because it was rural area.

•Appendix,Guideline for reflective report.

The following questions are guideline to reflect you feeling and progress.

Do feel more improved.

Which find more useful part?

What were solving strategies you used to over come problem .

How is it helping in your problem solving skills improvement.

10.Summary of the Project (05 marks)

(What and how was the research conducted – main objective, process and findings)

For my project I selected Govt Girls Elemtery school 22 MB university recommended some developing basic skills in which theme and sub the me resolving conflict and my topic is To improve problem solving skills in child . My project participants were students of grade 6.

Before starting my work I prepared a performa to guide the problems of students and their skills to improve them. In rural areas the mother language was Punjabi and students faced many problems. I decided to solve their problem by electronic media. Students watched t.v cartoons ,films they used google .After this activity students learn to solve their problem and they learn some skills.They faced problems to learning and pronouncing many English words e.g A word is ANTARICA the students performed pronounced the word as AN - TAR-TICA. Similar my they faced problem is learning the lenghthy questions. They faced problem in practicing the simple question of mathematics After viewing some tricks on google and TV they learnt many ideas and tricks to learn the lesson.

   After performing the activity the students work happy and were satisfied .  They were very active.They took interest in learning new ideas from electronic media for students .By this activity .I found best result in students .Use of electronic media for students was veryeffective in developing new skills in the students.


11.How do you feel about this practice? What have you learnt? (self-reflection) (10 marks) __

My research in rural area school Govt Girls Elementary school 22 MB on improving problem solving skills in students and my project participants were class students .

My students were of grade 6 .In rural areas people usually speak language in Punjab.

Varying the problems also requires changing the strategies that will yield successful solution.

Especially in math teachers creates problem sets that all use the games arithmetic operations.(Butt 1980).

One suggestion for creating problem requiring different strategies is to start with mathematical sentences and work back to develop a word problem that restates that math sentences.(Riediesel 1969).

I choose electronic media for improving problem solving skills in students. The main objectives of small scale study was to identify frequency manners and typed of electronic devices were used to practice and improve problem  solving skills.

I used different activities in class many students have weak problems solving skills  .

After this activity (watching t.v cartoons ,games )students were happy and learn quickly with interest .I feel very good and I think in rural areas teachers should concentrates on the students who have weak problems solving skills.

12.What has it added to your professional skills as a teacher? (05 marks)

It added some new things in my knowledge ,key points are given below.

It made me a good organizer .

It has made me ready for everything I was not a good organizer.

It is very more effective learning environment.


It has made me innovative . I started to find out new things before .

I had no interest but I started my project ,I felt great change in my thinking . I am capable to find out new things and this project made me very innovative.

It has made me a good ,effective teacher and mentor .It has made me capable to guide the students for right direction.It has made me a good role model.How can I encouraged the students and lead me capable to guide the students for right direction.How can I encourage the students to right success .

It has made me confident .A teachers confidence can help to influence others to be better person. It has made me capable to understand the technology .I understood clearly all digital tool of electronic media.

After this activity .I feel that other students can absorb more information by using AVaids .Student response was positive .Students say that this activity us very interesting and they learn a lot from this activity.It has improved their skills of learning and pronouncing the words .I also lwarnt many skills which that I did not know already and I corrected my concepts that were wrong. It added many new skills of listening .Learning and skills of problem solving of students all these skills are added to my professional by the help of this project.

13.List the works you cited in your project (follow the APA manual – 6th Edition). (05 marks)

Examples of format are available on websites. ____•Abdullah F.A.P.B(2006). The pattern of physical problems solving from the perspective of metacognition .Master dissentation . University of Combridge http:\\People /kst 24/.

Research students /Abdullah 2006 metacognition .polf .

•Artz,A.F and Armous Thomas E .(1992).

Development of a cognitive metacognitive framework for protocol analysis of mathematical problems solving in same groups .

•Heywarth R .M (1999) procedural and conceptual knowledge of experts and novics students for solving of a basic problem.

•Elavell .J.H (1976) Metacognitive aspects of problem solving .In Resick L.B (FD).

The nature of intelligence .Hillsdale,NT .Lawrence Eslhaum.

•Friege ,G and lind G (2006) types and qualities of knowledge and their solution of problem solving and their solving in physical international Journel of science and Mathematical Education 4,437-465.


•Lee K.W.L(1985) Cognitive variable in problem solving in chemistry research in science education 15.43 -50 . 

•Lee K.W.L ,Tong ,W,Goh Nomd chia (2001) the predicting role of cognitive variable in problem solving in mole concept,chemistry education .Research and practice in Europe .

•Lee K.W.L ,Goh ,N chia L.S and chia (1996) Cognitive variables in problem solving in chemistry ,A revisiteds study ,science education 80,691-710.

•Pasandsford .J.and stein B (1984).

The IDEAL ,Problems solves .A guide for improving thinking ,learning and Creating ,New York W.H freeman .

•Gobel .D.L and Bunce D.M (1994) .

Research on problem solving ,chemistry in D.L Gabel (Ed).

Hand book of research on science ,teaching and learning project of national Science Haches association New York .

AIOU Research project 8613 solved spring 2021 Resolving Conflict To investigate resolving conflicts during classroom learning at grade 6th level children
AIOU Research project 8613 solved spring 2021 Resolving Conflict To investigate resolving conflicts during classroom learning at grade 6th level children 

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