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AIOU B.ed assessment in science education 8628 solved assignment 2 pdf


Course Code: 8628

2nd Semester: Spring, 2021


B.Ed. 1.5 Years

Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.

Question: 01

Differentiate between outcome based assessment criteria and process based assessment criteria.

Outcomes based Assessment Criteria:


Outcomes-based assessment is that the deliberate assortment of proof of student learning supported outcomes. It yields a mark relative to the outcomes instead of different students.

Focuss Point:

Outcomes primarily based assessment focuses on exploitation frequent and varied assessment techniques to guide students toward achieving the outcomes set for a course.
In distinction to continual assessment within which one simply assesses repeatedly, continuous assessment makes use of a spread of assessment practices throughout a course or module with the intention of understanding wherever the learner is.

The outcomes of the sensible works will be divided into 2 categories

a) Quantitative

b) Qualitative

Characteristics of Outcomes primarily based Assessment Criteria:

Easy to Develop:

The development of assessment criteria in such cases is simple. For quantitative information establish some target worth.
Requires divided Judgement:

The assessment of qualitative info needs divided judgement.

Clarity of Outcomes:

Clarity of specialise in culminating outcomes of significance

Support for Learning Success:

Expanded chance and support for learning success

High expectations:

High expectations for all to succeed

Process primarily based Assessment Criteria:


Assessment criteria that thinks about with the particular task performance instead of the output or product of associate activity is termed method primarily based assessment criteria.
Focus Point:

• This assessment aims to understand what processes an individual undergoes once given a task.
• This stress on student’s ability to perform tasks by manufacturing their own work with their information and skills.
What to Assess:

In method primarily based assessment criteria, students perform, create, construct, produce, or do one thing. For that, deep understanding and/or reasoning skills ar required and assessed.
For method primarily based assessment criteria, a tutor observes and makes a judgment concerning the student’s demonstration of a talent or competence in making a product, constructing a response, or creating a presentation.
Characteristics of method primarily based Assessment Criteria:

Sustainable Nature:

It involves sustained work, usually days and calls on students to clarify, justify and defend.

Engaging concepts of Importance:

It conjointly involves partaking concepts of importance and substance.

Relies on correct Judgement:

It depends on trained assessor’s judgements.

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