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AIOU B.Ed 8629 Laboratory Organization Management and Safety Methods Assignment: 02 Spring 2021

AIOU B.Ed 8629 Laboratory Organization Management and Safety Methods  Assignment: 02 Spring 2021



Course Code: 8629



2nd Semester: Spring, 2021

B.Ed. 1.5 Years



Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.

Question: 01

Conduct a survey to find the aims and objectives of Sciences laboratories in Pakistan.

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Question: 02

Defined   controlled   exercises.   Write   advantages  and   disadvantages  of controlled exercises.

Question: 03

Keeping in view the world related sequencing gives at least four examples from science practical in all three types.

Question: 04

Develop descriptive feedback sheet for the following experiments:

1)     To measure the volume of a solid cylinder by measuring length and diameter of a solid cylinder with Vernier Calipers.

Investigation of transpiration in potted plants under a bell jar.

Q 05 What safety measures will be required during?

i.             Storage of flammable chemicals.

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